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Please note: As from November 2011 The NSW Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has changed to the NSW Government Transport Roads and Maritime Services.

Engineering certificate and compliance certificate inspections and reports by NSW Government Transport Roads & Maritime Services approved engineering consultant/certifiyer for vehicle modifications such as:-

• Car-Engine, suspension, gearbox, differential, rollbars, seats, seatbelts and restraints, wheel and body modifications, left to right hand drive steer conversions and 4x4 modifications etc.

• Commercial Vehicles - (i.e. - trucks, vans, coaches, buses, trailers, motor homes and campers) for such modifications as:- engine fitment, suspension modifications, wheelbase extensions, trailer frame extensions & modifications to suspensions & brake equipment & body equipment, fitting of additional seats, seatbelts, doors, windows, wheelchair loaders, motor home & camper conversions etc.

• Motor Vehicle Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliance consultancy.

• Certification of imported vehicles over 15 years old.

• Motor home and camper conversions.

• Specialist technical advice on automotive, transport & trailer equipment modifications, 4x4 modifications, GVM & GCM uprating and downrating.

• Trailer modifications and certification.

• Reports on chassis straightness of trucks/trailers following accident damage or repair.

• Reports on equipment and components for dispute resolution.

• Expert witness legal reports.

• Fleet equipment reviews and consultancy.

If you have an enquiry regarding vehicle modifications contact Terry Toomey on:

0408 232 372 Business Hours 9:30am - 4pm Mon -Thurs or on 0408 232 372 After Hours.

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Telephone: Business Hours 9:30am - 4pm Mon - Thurs 0408 232 372
or on 0408 232 372 After Hours.

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